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 Alix gm app

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PostSubject: Alix gm app   Wed Apr 15, 2009 8:10 pm

What is your name?
What is your in-game name?
How old are you?
I am fifteen years old.
Why should we pick you?
I think you should pick me because I am very active on most servers that I play, and since I no longer go to school, and attend school only one day a week for only half an hour to two hours maximum. Even if I'm not familiar with the server that I'm playing on, examples being I don't know what some NPCs do and what they're for, I'll still try to help other players with their questions.

Why do you want to become a GM?
I want to become a GM on this server because I like to help people, I find it..I don't know the word. I guess I could say I find it quite..enjoyable? I guess I could say. It makes me feel better, knowing that I could help. There may or may not be a word for what I feel exactly but I don't know how to say it word-for-word.

Where have you played before?
I've played in SydneyMS, AngerFistMS, AkaiMS, GlobalMS, BounceMS, SkillzMS, HarukiMS, AncientMS, and CareStoryMS, SnowMS, WorldWideMS, basically almost every server that has appealed to me in many ways, and in each I've had great fun, but either the population died down, or the population got to big, with not enough upgrades and it started to cause great amounts of lag, or they shut down because of Nexon.

Are you familiar with the commands?
Yes, I think I am very familiar with most of the commands except for the secret commands that every Admin sets for his or her Server. I know some codes by heart, and I know spawn edits by heart, for sure.

How do you react to other people's questions?
Most questions that have answers that aren't stated directly on either the page, or in an NPC, I'll try my best to answer. If I can't answer the question, I'll send them to another GM that may or may not know the answer. If the question's answer IS stated on either the site or an NPC in-game, I will refer them to that NPC/site page and tell them where it is.

Anything else?
Right now, I am home schooled, I am a straight A student. I'm pretty good with computer stuff, but I could always learn more to enhance my capability of what I already know how to do; to make it better.
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PostSubject: Re: Alix gm app   Wed Apr 15, 2009 8:13 pm

Omg please read the rules and regulations.



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Alix gm app
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